X-noiZe are Barak Argaman & Nadav Bonen from Tel-Aviv, Israel.
Their debut album ‘Mental notes’ (2005) is considered one of the freshet prospects of modern psy trance. Their unique sound production became a guideline for the new Psy-generation, crossing over rumbling baselines, euphoric melodies and club elements. Always aiming high, X-noiZe also explore the borders of vocal productions together with their singer Tom. C (Tomer Cherkasky) - the voice of the noise! The trance songs that they produce together since the first album have become massive dance floor anthems as they are very communicative but always maintain that undeniable trance edge.

X-noiZe released tracks on various compilations of labels such as TIP World, Spun, Hit Mania, Phantasm, Neurobiotics, YoYo and more. They made some powerful remixes for Duvdev (Infected mushroom), Sub6, Domestic, Ticon, Tranan and just recently got remixed by G.M.S, Psy Craft and Ticon. Their nonstop global tour has left many dancers and clubbers breathless in places like Japan (S.O.S and Groundbeat festivals), Brazil (where they took a big part as supporting act in some of Infected Mushroom’s 2006 Tour gigs and Creamfields Rio De Janeiro), Italy (Sonica), Germany (FullMoon), Switzerland (Atmosphere), UK, Mexico and the list goes on…

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