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    Jun 18 2010, 20h33 por Shasolace

  • Kids Say The Darndest Things

    Abr 27 2007, 4h51 por jfranzone

    "Oh, and guess what your son said at school today?"

    That can't be good. This has been an odd week at the Franzone house. Our children attend a private Christian academy here in Pensacola, FL and my wife on very rare occasion will substitute teach. I say very rare because we have a baby at home and I work. So if my wife is working... you got it; I'm watching the baby. Well, for some very unusual circumstances my wife has been teaching for almost a week now. http://www.franzone.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_neutral.gif

    I digress. So I take my eleven month old daughter outside for a bit today to walk around and try to keep her awake a little longer before her afternoon nap. Well it starts raining a little so we jump into the truck. Why didn't we just go into the house you ask? Well... I don't know! Stop asking. Anyway, I look over and there was my cell phone which I had misplaced and not even known it. And oh what timing, because it was just ringing at that very moment. …