Tarot - Die grosse Arkana PART I

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1 Der Narr - The Fool 4:00 146
2 Der Magier - The Magus 5:37 167
3 Die Hohepriesterein - The Priestess 5:17 264
4 Die Herrscherin - The Empress 7:00 112
5 Der Herrscher - The Emperor 3:35 123
6 Der Hohepriester - The Hierophant 6:46 40
7 Die Liebenden - The Lovers 8:08 165
8 Der Wagen - The Chariot 6:30 98
9 Ausgleichung - Adjustment 5:49 115
10 Der Eremit - The Hermit 7:15 56
11 Das Glücksrad - The Wheel of Fortune 5:00 245

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WELTENZAUBER - Tarot-Die grosse Arkana PART I

The very first album, “Zauberwald” was recorded good results, was often sold as CD and as digital download, has been used by TV stations as a soundtrack, and has a fan base in various age classes and strata, which is distributed around the globe.

The new album by “Martin Koders WELTENZAUBER” deals with the Tarot, THE GREAT ARCANA. For the first time an artist to compose each of these 22 cards a piece of music. Many years ago the magician “Aleister Crowley” and artist “Frieda Harris’ would have wanted this.

Varied, innovative, sometimes very experimental and for a project, which established itself in the relaxation area of ​​music even a little “daring” to present the new song on this album. The artist sat down with composition and arrangement, no taboos. There were used a variety of sounds and instruments. Of the usual strings and flute sounds Synthflächen over synthsequences, percussion from different cultures, Orchestral arrangements to guitars and even vocals. The colors, zodiac signs, the corresponding key and the like are included in these compositions.t.

With the final track “Wheel of Fortune - The Wheel of Fortune” to be broken rules and boundaries of the genre. A vocal track, sung by Martin and Elizabeth Koder. An almost a commercially-sounding pop song with a concentrated load of Gothic elements. The official promotional video for this title can be seen including full-length on YOU TUBE.

But that’s not all. Since there were copyright problems with the cards of “Aleister Crowely” as images on the CD cover, decided to design the multi-talented “Martin Koder” simply own tarot cards and draw.

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