We Are The City is a three piece progressive indie rock act from the Okanagan lakeside city of Kelowna, British Columbia. Originally forming under the name “Seraph” in the Spring of 2006, they changed their name to “The City” in January of 2007, and finally settling upon We Are The City in May of 2008. We Are The City features three young composers: Cayne McKenzie on vocals and keys, David Menzel on guitar, and Andy Huculiak on the drums. Cayne’s symphonic piano arrangements flow into David’s guttural guitars and the grand heartbeat of Andy’s drums, as the vocals slink from soft harmonies into gruff howls. Their songs paint out a sincere and beautiful interpretation of life; exploring evocative sounds and storytelling.

They draw inspiration from Muse, Coldplay, Mew, and Radiohead. They have already shared the stage with Yukon Blonde, Secret & Whisper, Bend Sinister, Winter Gloves, The Zolas, Said The Whale, and Mother Mother. We Are The City is currently a Top 20 finalist as part of 100.5 The Peak FM’s BC competition, the Peak Performance Project.

Listening to their instrumentation and orchestral arrangements you will readily discover their potential for greatness is simply palpable. Cayne has been classically trained in piano for eight years and playing for twelve. David and Andy are both self-taught musicians.

In person, and during their witty banter in between songs on stage, you will find these three young men endearing, awkwardly funny, and incredibly sweet. They are brothers drawn together to explore their own musical renaissance. Having just reached the winter of their teens, their innocence and sincerity will pull fans in to find their own fists clenching at nostalgic summer days with bruised teenaged knuckles. These three young men may be comical, humble, and sweetly adorable, but their music is not to be taken lightly. With their booming stadium-ready sounds and stirring melodies, they are set to continue to steadily gain fans of all ages around the globe.

We Are the City will convince you with their good hearts and inspiring sounds to come and be a part of their city.

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