Vaughan Penn has been collaborating with Grammy nominated artist, Chynna Phillips, (Wilson/Phillips) for the last year. What started out as a songwriting collaboration has evolved into a Christian duo, now called Chynna & Vaughan. Vaughan produced this faith oriented project for Chynna and Vaughan. Their new cd, probably entitled “Something Divine” should be released in the next couple of months with a single being released to Christian radio called “One Reason” in June ’09.
“From the age of 14, when I first picked up a guitar and started writing songs, music has been a way for me to share a message – to tell someone something,” says Penn. Also, music has always been my connection to GOD. When I was 14, I accepted Jesus as my personal savior and I feel that at the moment of my salvation, when I was born again, Jesus gave me a gift…that was HIS peace, HIS love, and HIS forgiveness……and also to write songs. I know that God is the master writer and I am the humble channel for the message he has to say. (the song) AND ever since the moment I accepted Jesus into my heart as my savior, I had something to say by way of a song.”

Born in a small North Carolina town to a musical family - her mother was a jazz singer, her father an accomplished saxophonist – Penn was in elementary school when she first started singing in bands and started writing her own music.

Her passion for music and an inspiration to create led her to some music opportunities in Los Angeles, where she assembled an acoustic folk band with cellos, viola, and African percussion whose live performances quickly generated a loyal following and artistic recognition – most notably a nomination for Acoustic Artist of the Year from the National Academy of Songwriters. Later after she would record her first CD, she called on some of her LA contacts and this led to her television and movie placements.

Penn migrated back east to Nashville and, later, North Carolina in order to spend more time in the recording studio, a move that would have a dramatic impact on her musical career.

She established a reputation for her powerful, atmospheric music and released several CDs, including “Somebody Besides Yourself” (2001), “Transcendence” (2003), “Angels Fly” (2005) and “Over My Head” (2007). Her song, “I Can’t Help Myself”, is on the MTV Laguna Beach Soundtrack CD (Interscope) along with Dashboard Confessional, New Found Glory, The All-American Rejects, Hillary Duff, and Lifehouse. And her song “Ready to Rise” is on the Rollergirls Soundtrack CD (Koch) along with other great artists like Ani DiFranco.

Many of her songs have added an emotional punch to some of America’s best-known TV shows and films including Showtime Promo, Universal Pictures’ “Kicking and Screaming”; ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Ghost Whisperer”; MTV’s “The Hills” and “Laguna Beach”; CBS’s “Criminal Minds” and “Numbers”; and NBC’s “Providence” and “Las Vegas”.

She has also earned a place on stage alongside some of the country’s foremost musical talents, from Melissa Etheridge and Emmylou Harris to The Indigo Girls to Huey Lewis and The News.

Penn considers her collaboration with Chynna Phillips to be a natural next step, both personally and musically.

“I’ve always written spiritual songs,” she says. “But to be able to record an entire CD of music that conveys my faith and my gratitude for every new day – and to share that experience with Chynna – is a genuine gift.”

Writing and recording with Phillips has taken Penn back to her folk roots. Some of the new songs, with an earthy layering of lap steel guitar, strings and mandolin, have an authentic Southern accent. Yet at the same time the songs Penn and Phillips write are out of the park POP homerun hits. The pairing of two distinctive female voices that are as perfectly matched as they are different has opened up surprising and satisfying new musical avenues that has evolved to their new duo appropriately named Chynna and Vaughan. Their music can be described as “EARTHY GOD POP”

“I love the way Chynna inspires me to be a better singer and musician,” she says. “I think we really are channeling something divine.”

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