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  • vesituli

    One time when the barking dog sound played at the end, my dog was with me and he started looking around like "Hmm...?"

    maio 2013
  • ksmyn


    março 2012
  • jgass1301

    the lyrics <3

    janeiro 2012
  • ZuteGach

    This was playing in Rite Aid. XD It was so odd. and yet. so magical

    outubro 2011
  • GustavoPC

    this is epic

    setembro 2011
  • fabrycioazevedo

    best song of the album <3

    agosto 2011

    Beautiful, just amazing :-)

    janeiro 2011
  • ZuteGach

    the best and most realistic lyric EVER!!!!

    outubro 2010
  • leekpie

    Amazingly good.

    março 2010
  • hf1809

    best 9xxx love single

    janeiro 2010
  • re_esperanza

    Best song from Heroes & Thieves.. It just brings me peace inside. ^^ One of her best <3 love Vanessa Carlton!

    dezembro 2009
  • amerragdoll78

    i will def never need more than this...

    novembro 2009
  • mymagicalmelody

    looooooooooove itttttttt <3

    novembro 2009
  • chocobooo

    I totally love this song <3 I hope she will release a new album very soon coz I'm missing her

    junho 2009
  • jdiaz0

    Just lovely

    fevereiro 2009
  • peached

    This is my favorite song off of her new album.

    janeiro 2009
  • Zephals

    Wow, this song just exudes this classical fairy-tale feel that just makes your heart want to float away on a cloud but maintains a depth that keeps your feet on the ground. This is only emphasized by the constant bouncing of the melody. Oh, and that spine-tingling choral climax? Great song, well executed.

    julho 2008
  • giulyshine

    best song of the album <3

    junho 2008
  • lolohannah

    You'll never need more than this.

    maio 2008
  • Desunyu


    maio 2008
  • zaskorsky

    Let's make this our story! Let's live in the glory! <3

    abril 2008
  • Zelldi

    One of her best songs.

    outubro 2007
  • blindfoldaside


    outubro 2007
  • roman2

    Awesome song, love it :)

    outubro 2007

    I'm really liking this song too! A great song to end an album with. It definitely has that climatic feel to it and it leaves me with mixed emotions...

    outubro 2007
  • JCRM

    Fantastic track! Up there with her very best...

    setembro 2007
  • marcellemml

    great song!!!!!

    setembro 2007
  • globalguy

    i'm liking this!

    setembro 2007