• Songs that pack a punch.

    Dez 1 2006, 2h21 por CareALotsClouds

    I take music very seriously. If I like a song, just one song from an artist, I go out and buy the whole album that it's on. Not only that, I look into the artist; Wiki is my best friend. Here are songs that I think are particularly special at the moment. I have missed loads out, but I can only write so much. Each song has a commentry - a bit about the artist, my overall opinion of the artist, description of the song, and why the song itself is particularly special. I hope you enjoy, and most of all, I hope you check them out.

    Each song has a 'strikability' rating which means if the song will grab you from first listen, or it will take a couple of listens. It is out of five. Five being the most striking, and one being the least.

    Kremlin Dusk
    Okay, when I first heard Utada's first english album 'Exodus' I absolutely detested it. Passionately. In fact, I hated it so much, I gave it away to someone I barely knew, because I knew he liked J-Pop. …