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  • matt02392

    Saw these guys supporting FFDP in Birmingham, UK. They were so much better than the recording live. So so good.

    abril 2014
  • blacklight_x

    loaded double barrel blow you to pieces!!! [2]

    abril 2014
  • sixJ0k3rsx

    This band's really good, but in my opinion, this song is pretty shitty. I just hate those lyrics for some reason.

    fevereiro 2014
  • mcook4

    This song is great for so many reasons

    fevereiro 2014
  • PhoenixIsAFreak

    everything is bigger in texas.....even the taxes!

    julho 2013
  • Stern_J

    one of the best deathcore songs iv ever heard and also love the nods to Pantera in this song

    fevereiro 2013
  • bobo9390

    Modern classic. One of the best pure metal songs of this era.

    dezembro 2012
  • MMMMMorshu

    It's pretty fucking neat apart from the chorus. I fuckin hate these slow choruses.

    julho 2012
  • stan2099

    Awesome :3

    julho 2012
  • brxc

    loaded double barrel blow you to pieces!!!

    junho 2012
  • Schander


    abril 2012
  • stonercafe

    Gotta love the Pantera references.

    abril 2012