• Melvins/Unsane at Turner Hall, Milwaukee 5/1

    Mai 2 2012, 6h31 por verbcake

    Tue 1 May – Melvins, Unsane
    Just got back, wholly shit awesome. First off, this was probably the biggest crowd I've seen for a Melvins show, and the first time they've played Milwaukee since 2006 which might have had something to do with that. The venue Turner Hall is also much bigger than other venues I've seen them at, and probably my favorite venue in the area (the usher in the front also said "The King is waiting for you", which cracked me up). Before the show started I snagged a poster (artwork very similar to the Melvins/Unsane 7", and signed by the band), the flower shirt and the Melvins/Totimoshi split 7". Unfortunately they were out of letterpress everything but I was able to run the stuff out to my car before the show started. I also ran into various people I know at the show which was cool. The opener Unsane were pretty great, and angry. I only have Scattered Smothered And Covered so I didn't recognize most of what they played but it sounded how Unsane should sound…