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12 Abr 2012 | de

After a week of posts highlighting all things Raw Stewage, we figured it was only fitting to cap it off with a free tune for your weekend. Hope you don't mind. 

This version of Nemo has long been a favorite of mine. The improv in the middle of this feels like anything but improv, rather a well rehearsed, finely executed song of its own. But in classic Umphrey's fashion the basic chord progression was made up backstage two hours prior to show time & quickly rehearsed a grand total of once. The vocal stewart in the middle of this Nemo gets me every time. So add this one to your collection on us. Make sure to check out the complete Raw Stewage collection if you're hungry for more. 



Nemo 04.08.05 Murat Egyptian Room, Indianapolis, IN (10:18 Total Running Time)

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"The simple fact here still remains, we have no reason to complain"



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