Hindoo House

24 Nov 2011 | de

Hindoo House

I've been trying to quit smoking for the past couple of days.  As a way of occupying my mind, I decided to do a fresh install on my laptop (wish there was a way to not make that sound as nerdy as it is).  Unfortunately, I somehow managed to delete a year's worth of samples and demos/sessions in the process.  I'm blaming the vision of dancing cigarettes as the source of my troubles.  This song is one of the things I'd been working on, the mp3 was sitting around in an email I sent to a friend.  Since the session is gone, I figured sharing it with you would be a fitting funeral.

This is all coming off a little darker than I intended. I'm excited that a year's worth of stuff is gone, it's liberating.  The things that will get made next year will be better, I'm thankful to have a fresh start.  Happy Thanksgiving.     

  • Twin Sister - Hindoo House

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