Tragedy is a crust punk band originally from Memphis, Tennessee. The band formed in 2000 from members of the influential modern hardcore punk bands His Hero is Gone and Deathreat.

Tragedy’s music is characterized by unrelenting, heavy hardcore punk sound, punctuated by melodic interludes and downshifts in tempo, often with lyrics containing apocalyptic themes and imagery. The band and many of its contemporaries, such as From Ashes Rise, Severed Head of State and Remains of the Day, have created a recognizable sound inside the crust punk genre.

Tragedy have stated they are influenced by early hardcore punk bands, many in the d-beat style, including Discharge as well as taking inspiration from Japanese hardcore groups such as Deathside. Their name is taken from a 1994 Disclose LP.

Tragedy’s albums have met with critical acclaim within the DIY hardcore community, and have had a large positive impact on the popularity of crust punk music that shares a similar sound. The band has had a cult following and celebrity status in some hardcore circles. They give little information about themselves in promotional materials and include minimal information in album inserts.


Todd Burdette:
Guitar/Vocals - Also of Deathreat, Severed Head of State, Trauma and Warcry, Formerly of Copout, Rueben James, His Hero is Gone, Funeral and Call The Police
Yannick Lorraine:
Guitar - Formerly of His Hero is Gone and Union of Uranus
Billy Davis:
Bass/Vocals - Also of Deathreat and Trauma, Formerly of Face Down , From Ashes Rise, and Copout,
Paul Burdette:
Drums - Also of Deathreat and Criminal Damage, Formerly of His Hero is Gone, Face Down, Rueben James, Call The Police and Well Away


2000 - Tragedy
2001 - Tragedy (Skuld Releases)
2002 - Can We Call This Life? (Tragedy Records)
2002 - Vengeance (Tragedy Records)
2002 - Split with Desobediencia Civil (Independent)
2003 - Vengeance (Skuld Releases)
2003 - Split 7” with Totalitär (Armageddon Label)
2004 - UK 2004 Tour EP (Tragedy Records)
2006 - Nerve Damage (Tragedy Records)

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