• Sample spotting

    Dez 22 2005, 23h53 por SlugO

    I don't know how many of you do this but I like spotting samples.

    It's a really weird and fun deja vu feeling when you notice a King Geedorah sample in the middle of a Star Trek episode or a sample The Avalanches used from A Prince Among Thieves.

    "What's that sample?! I know I've heard it. Think, think!" You know what I mean :) It's fun.

    There's not even nearly enough sites on the web about this thing. You can hardly find anything with google.

    At the moment I'm really interested in knowing what the sample in Little Brother's Hiding Place is. It goes "Where you gonna hide?", it's probably 70's soul and I know I've heard it sampled somewhere before. Maybe an RJD2 mixtape?

    That sample is also used on Where You Gonna Run. Somebody tell me where it's from :P Sounds like a great song.

    Goddam I love Tommy Youngblood's Tobacco Road. It's the song sampled in the album intro of The Pretty Toney Album. Great stuff!