# Vic Vea (ex- Vergeat) - guitar, vocals
# Werner Frohlich - bass, vocals
# Cosimo Lampis - drums

Toad were a Swiss hard rock band, formed by ex-Brainticket members. Their best known songs were a cover of ‘Purple Haze’, ‘Using My Life’ and ‘Stay’.

Known History

In 1971, European Psychedelic rock band Brainticket released their first album.Sometime after, Werner Frolich (bass) and Cosimo Lampis (drums) departed and formed Toad with Vic Vergeant, who was in the formation of Hawkwind, on guitar.That year, they released their self-titled album and the single ‘Stay’, which did good.Their first album was mixed by Martin Birch, and had Benjamin Jagger on vocals however he would leave once the album was finished.

In 1972, the band released Tomarrow Blue, which was in a more Blues direction and without a lead vocalist, with Vergeant and Frolich handling vocals, and their first was in a more heavy rock direction.The same year, the band released a live album Open Fire: Live in Basel 1972.

They waited until 1975 to release their third and final album, Dreams which had the single ‘Purple Haze’.After that, their history is mainly undocumented except for a live album released in 1978.They followed the rest of the 1970s and 1980s with compilations and live albums before fading into obscurity.

The band never managed great success out of their homeland, but were very influential on a movement of Swiss heavy metal bands during the 1980s, and have seen renewed interest in the early 2000s with the European Hard rock scene.Their albums were re-released on CD in a box-set recently, modeled as miniature vinyl records.


Studio albums

* 1971 - Toad
* 1972 - Tomarrow Blue
* 1975 - Dreams

Live Albums

* 1972 - Open Fire: Live in Basel 1972 (Copy from Live at St. Joseph)
* 1978 - Yearnin’ Learnin’: Live 1978
* 2005 - ``Live at St. Joseph (Basel) 22.04.1972``
* 2006 - The Real Thing

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