• Reflection on Recent Top 10

    Out 30 2006, 4h46 por Flah

    1 Victims 38
    Harder Than it was Meant to Be is the best crust punk/d-beat album ever, period, no arguing, full stop. Fast, raw, to the point, and angry. Oh my, so angry! I almost want to say that it's OOP, so if someone asks nicely, I might up it in an upcoming blog. They'd do okay stuff after it, but HTiwMtB is their crowning achievement.

    2 Unwound 24
    So, I was listening to Unwed Sailor...and then I kind of fell asleep. That's pretty much how this happened. Oh, Unwound is cool when I'm awake...it's just that...well, I wasn't this week.

    3 Thelonious Monk 16
    People often ask me, "Why are you telling me about Monk? I didn't even say anything to you. Who are you? Why are you kissing my dog?" First off, you let your golden retriever out of the house with only a scarf on? She was asking for it. Secondly, because people need to be continually coaxed into giving Monk third, fourth, and sixty-seventh chances. You'll get him eventually. It happened to me. It happens to all of us. …
  • Screamo Mix!

    Mai 4 2006, 0h35 por dancecraz3d

    Made this last night for a friend of mine. She's not much into good screamo... so when she asked for a mix, I took some liberties and pretty much filled it with stuff she's never heard of.

    1 [3:03] Kwakiutl Cannibal Society - Kids You Tried, You Failed Miserably, The Lesson Is To Never Try
    2 [3:14] efra - Skywire On Fire
    3 [3:20] Schematic of a Waking Life - 04
    4 [3:00] A Case of Grenada - Artificial Sun Kills Ideologists
    5 [2:06] June Paik - Refractive
    6 [1:45] I Wrote Haikus About Cannibalism in Your Yearbook - 03
    7 [4:55] Dipleg - Disguise Around
    8 [2:38] Saetia - The Burden Of Reflecting
    9 [2:45] Gospel - And Redemption Fills The Emptiest Of Hearts
    10 [2:21] Amalthea - Post-Mortem Portrait
    11 [2:03] Cowboys Became Folk Heroes - The Birth Of A Broken Language
    12 [2:50] Anger Is Beautiful - Track 3
    13 [3:03] To Dream of Autumn - Sun And Shadow
    14 [2:08] Leidan - La Muerte Se Sostiene En Cotidianos Lamentos
    15 [2:59] Analena - Spilt Milk