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  • incvd

    Shades of the Gravity OST anyone?

    dezembro 2013


    junho 2012
  • aandoroo

    Too....muchh.....ambience....must ........relax *bowels deflate*

    novembro 2011
  • canbreaker


    julho 2011
  • buins


    abril 2011
  • Shadowcast

    mysterious beginning to a mysterious album

    novembro 2010
  • Heliosphaner

    outstanding sounds - can't wait for the autumn

    agosto 2010
  • gojirataskforce


    junho 2010
  • joshuatxuk

    Metal Machine Music in the infamous 1975 Lou Reed album considered now to be the first major noise, drone, ambient, dark ambient, recording by a major artist. And no, it sound nothing like this and is essentially irrelevant considering the progress of 30 years in electronic music. Name check fail.

    outubro 2009
  • youngroe

    no one gives a shit about whatever the hell metal machine music is it either sounds good or it doesnt.

    setembro 2009
  • urbanshocker

    absolutely brilliant.

    julho 2009
  • crystaltrips

    "Hmm, I know metal machine music, I'm really cool. hmm hmm hmm". Could you keep the noise dow, please? I'm trying to enjoy some quality tunes here.

    março 2009
  • furuking


    fevereiro 2009
  • Just-x-Sarah

    fantastic stuff!!

    janeiro 2009
  • Vaaaaaal


    setembro 2008
  • sarvam_dukha

    nope its a cool track

    junho 2008
  • miklophone

    Meaning what, shit_ears? Is that bad?

    maio 2008
  • shit_ears

    from what i've gathered from the preview this is just metal machine music

    fevereiro 2008