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  • Zach216

    10 out of 10.

    dezembro 2014
  • sideshowana

    And btw what's the difference between this and Blue [Clean]?

    agosto 2013
  • sideshowana

    for some reason my copy didn't have the version of Slow Motion with vocals on it...? [2]

    agosto 2013
  • roemilca111

    for some reason my copy didn't have the version of Slow Motion with vocals on it...?

    maio 2013
  • sideshowana

    Oh, Darwin!

    fevereiro 2013
  • joemcmaster

    its a blue sun what do you not understand?

    julho 2012
  • telephonedance

    Agreed! Wounded is simply fantastic, it could rally people together or something ;_;

    fevereiro 2012
  • SeveralPeople

    Darkness is my favorite song. And yes, wounded is one of their best.

    outubro 2010
  • SeveralPeople

    i Don't understand the album artwork....

    agosto 2010
  • thekillingspree

    You can say whatever you want about this album, but one of their BEST songs ever sits right here. They've hardly topped "Wounded" ever since, have they now?

    agosto 2010
  • nightswatch

    /agree. but really this album is truly their best. its so easy and tempting to pick s/t, mostly because of the last 3 songs on it, and the singles at the top. but blue is the album with SWAGGER. if you've never seen the HoB 'Anything' intro (where tony looks like tyler durden) you need to. The Red Summer Sun is just the band operating at an absolute peak. Jenkins' falsetto/ whole vocal performance in that song is just an encapsulation of a moment. And I can still submit that Darwin is one of their finest moments, Darkness nonwithstanding. And even Justice got turned into the underrated Camouflage. Also, 10 days late is the most underrated pop song ever (and needs to be a rock band song) and deep inside of you got stolen by high school seniors but has some of jenkins' best lyrics. And that's ignoring the real cut of slow motion which is so epic that its spawned multiple covers, and Wounded which may in fact be their best song ever, and is truly amazing live. The album is phenomenal.

    agosto 2010
  • roemilca111

    can't stand the reverb/echoes in the second half of the album.

    maio 2010
  • Madrooga

    Great album, this one...

    janeiro 2010
  • michaelstebbins


    dezembro 2009
  • nightswatch

    their best.

    novembro 2009
  • broken_static

    thank you for this album. it means a lot to me.

    setembro 2009
  • imryandixon

    slow motion.

    agosto 2009
  • telephonedance

    This is my favourite one, too.

    junho 2009
  • caek9

    This is the first album I ever bought and to this day it's still one of my favorites. The second half of this album is absolutely amazing.

    abril 2009
  • JustinXXX

    I LOVE this album so much... I think I'm in the minority when I say this is my favorite 3EB album. At the very least, I think tons more people like the self-titled debut the best. I've liked all their albums, but this one stands out as my favorite.

    fevereiro 2009
  • dgscorpio

    One of the best bands. I LOVE them!! Grreat in concert...

    dezembro 2008
  • optimistic_tour

    great album. I still enjoy me some Darwin.

    novembro 2008
  • aartim

    Reminds me so much of when I was younger! It's such a fun album.

    agosto 2008
  • mygoose

    Indeed, the entire album is fucking tiiiiight. Reminds me of when I was in middle school/high school. I listened to it everyday.

    fevereiro 2008
  • dark_room

    LOVE!!! reminds me so much of my dad...

    novembro 2007
  • etrenocturne

    yepp. incredible cd.

    julho 2007
  • josh83

    I definitely agree! ;)

    setembro 2006
  • lazydavid

    People should really listen to more than just those two tracks, this entire album is awesome.

    agosto 2006