• Therion - Sitra Ahra song-by-song review

    Nov 27 2010, 18h52 por Takkeri

    Im trying to spit out some of my annoyingness, about the latest Therion album Sitra Ahra, with this rather quick review sum up! Allright it actually turned out pretty long... I've liked all the Therion records i've listened so far to some extent. Except of course A' Arab Zaraq Lucid Dreaming. Somehow Sitra Ahra reminds me most of A' arab Zaraq... Even though it's not as bad, it just has that definite something which feels wrong. (Hmm, I think I actually even digged at least Down the Qliphothic Tunnel (Therion Version) last time I listened A'arab a long time ago).

    Introduction/Sitra Ahra

    Very promising beginning. Epic material. Classy and original Therion stuff. Certainly suggests great things to be ahead.

    Kings of Edom

    Nothing groundbreaking but keeps the hopes up of this being a solid album. Especially the acoustic break at 3.10 and the shredding starting from 5.30, turning into wild west-like acoustic melody and wicked guitar lead after that, are stuff that hint the listener that Therion still has it. …