• Wanna Be ... Wasted... Helter Skelter

    Nov 26 2007, 21h21 por rinjonjori

    Today I 'm listening to music for the first time in a long time. Last up was "Wasted" by Black Flag. Chavo was singing the song. Figure this was late 78/79. The track is off Everything Went Black. That album compiles all the early Balck Flag singlees. I remember taping the album on my first stereo. The stereo had a dual tape deck. I had to go out and buy a turntable. I think I spent $150 for that turntable and it lasted about 8 years. The turntable was fine but the CD Player killed it. LIke the Cassette Tape killed the LP on some level. At the point I was taping this album the Chavo era of Black Flag (and pretty soon the band itself (since this was 1985)) was part of a bygone era. Right after "Wasted" was "Wanna be" by The Fondas. They play retro/ garage rock music inspired by 60s garage rock. The Fondas are a product of the current decade, yet they sound older than Black Flag and their wave of pure rock fury.