The Tyde are an American indie rock group. Tracing their roots to early 90’s LA indie band Further, formed by Darren Rademaker and brother Brent, The Tyde cite Felt, The Beach Boys and The Byrds as major influences.

The initial line-up featured Darren Rademaker (vocals, guitars), Darren’s wife Ann Do Rademaker (keyboards) and brother Brent Rademaker (bass, vocals) as well as Ben Knight (guitar), Christopher Gunst, Brent’s partner in Beachwood Sparks, (drums) and Dave Scher (guitars). Gunst was replaced by Rick Menck of Velvet Crush after debut album Once while Scher became simply an ‘additional musician’ for second album Twice.

Both 2001s Once and its follow-up, 2003s Twice, showcase the band’s love of surfing. The former featuring the song “North Country Times”, about time spent in surfers’ paradise Encinitas, while the latter features a cartoon of a surfer heading out to the waves as well as the track “New D” featuring the lyrics “ain’t gonna fight ‘em anymore, leave those bastard people on the shore, surf a wave on a single-fin board”

Brent Rademaker also played bass in Beachwood Sparks with former Further and Tyde member Christopher Gunst. He now shares his time between The Tyde and his new group Frausdots. Gunst’s new group, Mystic Chords Of Memory, also features Ben Knight on guitar.

Three’s Co., The Tyde’s third album, was released in 2006 (April/UK; July/Japan; August/USA) and features guest appearances from Mickey Madden of Maroon 5 and Conor Deasy of The Thrills.

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