• Review: Steel Panther at the Brixton Academy

    Mar 20 2010, 14h21 por seopher

    Fri 19 Mar – Steel Panther, The Sirens

    There are a lot of people who hate Steel Panther, I fear they either don't get the joke, don't care for the joke or think the band have overstayed their welcome. I am not one of these people, I think they are a wonderful satirical jab at the 80's heyday scene. Can they play live though? Youtube suggests yes. I can confirm without any question that yes, they can.

    Last night was due to be the filming of their live DVD, which made me realise that they probably won't be doing any covers (which is a shame, they do superb versions of Ratt's Round and Round and The Scorpions Rock you like a Hurricane), but it at least guarantees that the band will be on form.

    The opening act, The Sirens were not a band as I anticipated, they were strippers. While the red-blooded male in me can't find fault with watching girls undress and dance to metal tracks, I've never been one for strippers. In fact I've gone 25 years happily avoiding them, it's just not my thing. …