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  • engelnit

    One of my favorites from The Police... great drums, as usual...

    dezembro 2014
  • okcesar

    El último gran respiro del new wave de The Police.

    outubro 2014
  • Panecea

    Murder By Numbers. Isn't that right, LBJ? R.I.P. JFK 11/22/1963

    novembro 2013
  • gmorton731

    i love this song

    maio 2013
  • rockandrolljoe

    1 2 3

    maio 2012
  • WichitaQ

    it's great. both lyrically and musically.

    novembro 2011
  • PartySanCTG

    I may be biased because I don't really go for the sorta jazz-fusion style this song's in.

    maio 2011
  • PartySanCTG

    prominence: I meant to say it's mediocre compared to Tea in the Sahara. But it's better than Mother. Then again, even Miss Gradenko's better than Mother.

    maio 2011
  • moochlarlar

    Only found out recently that this was never on the vinyl version of the album! My parents had the cassette version when I was growing up....

    maio 2011
  • WiJoCo

    It's as easy to learn as your eh, bee seas.

    maio 2011
  • bandfan76

    Kinda creepy.

    abril 2011
  • filoglutek

    Awesome drumming!

    abril 2011
  • tabletopdrummer

    Great feel to this tune....jazz-fusion..... love it !

    abril 2011
  • prominence_la

    @PartySanCTG - I can see how Tea in the Sahara would be a better closer...but really? Mediocre? Summers and Sting are so suave and slick.

    março 2011
  • Garguy

    "This song is about the cynical manipulation of large numbers of people."--Sting, Oakland, 9/10/83

    fevereiro 2011
  • mandryka

    But you can reach the top of your profession if you become the leader of the land. For murder is the sport of the elected and you don't need to lift a finger of your hand.

    janeiro 2011
  • Panecea

    It's a habit-forming need for more & more......

    novembro 2010
  • PartySanCTG

    It's... well, okay to mediocre-ish, but placing it as a bonus track was a terrible idea - Tea in the Sahara was a great closer already...

    agosto 2010
  • slushhy

    almost cynical. love it...

    maio 2010
  • gsm007g

    Sting.......Stuart....& .....Andy...It's As Easy as that......A Jazzy Bit.

    abril 2010
  • passionfruit219

    creepy but i love it

    março 2010
  • MGM_Lioness

    the drumming on this song is SSSSSSSSSSIIIIICCCKKKKK!!!!!

    janeiro 2010
  • theapril-sea

    genius!!!! i heard it in "Copycat"

    novembro 2009

    great song... part of Retro Fridays group radio

    agosto 2009
  • adman5189

    "It's not in my nature to kick a man when he's down. When I saw the first part of the show I realised I had to come up here and tell you something. Well, four years ago Jimmy Swaggart said this about me: He said this here song by The Police, "Murder By Numbers," was written by SATAN! Performed by the sons of SATAN! BEELZEBUB! LUCIFER! THE HORNED ONE! I wrote the fuckin' song, alright?" - Sting, 1988, from the Zappa version.

    julho 2009
  • MelloMood1

    Love this band....

    junho 2009
  • mountainrider

    The Police really stand up to the test of time. Great songwriting.

    maio 2009
  • philliptatum

    1 2 3......A B C..... sounds simple!

    abril 2009
  • zappateer

    Sting played this song with Frank Zappa as well, brilliant version

    março 2009
  • fburns99

    went thru a big Police phase in the early 80`s. Still like `em.

    fevereiro 2009
  • BokaBoddah

    foot tapping

    janeiro 2009


    janeiro 2009


    janeiro 2009
  • Ldannyweb

    Love this song.... not a me..

    janeiro 2009
  • MrDaniel_UK

    I love the Police, but the lyrics in that chorus are fucking horrible. >_>

    agosto 2008
  • Edeldreda

    Murder by numebers 1, 2,'s as easy to learn as your A.B.C xDD

    março 2008
  • misscarmen

    love this song!

    dezembro 2007
  • CantDecideAName

    I second that Groovy comment.

    setembro 2007
  • Otacons_Nachos

    Groovy Track

    julho 2007