• The Perishers Are Back!! / Victorious

    Out 7 2007, 9h39 por champersnova

    2007 has been the year of new releases, obviously! One anticipated release after another before the excitement of the previous one hasn’t even been passed on. Outstanding debuts, reunited old bands, new albums from our favorites coming out following years of silence… One busy, muscially dense and reach year; it has been so far. Even in this busy traffic of records; there are bands - staying silent for years- can’t be thrown out from minds no matter how many new albums have been added to libraries to keep players occupied 7/24.

    So, The Perishers is one of those eagerly anticipated bands for me - to release a new album finally!! FOUR years! It’s been four long years since they released Let There Be Morning which filtered into my heart softly just like the debut From Nothing To One. How many days these albums were left on to play all day long untill sleep comes and finds eyes at late nights? How many insomniac nights were shared with those heartfelt mellow songs untill hearing the morning…