The Pale Fountains were an English rock band formed in Liverpool in 1980, and composed of Michael “Mick” Head (vocalist/guitarist), Chris McCaffery (bassist), Thomas Whelan (drummer) and former Dislocation Dance trumpeter Andy Diagram (horns).

Inspired by 1960s music such as Love, Burt Bacharach and The Beatles they failed to make any commercial headway, but they achieved some critical praise for the two albums they released on Virgin, 1984’s Pacific Street and 1985’s …From Across the Kitchen Table, produced by Ian Broudie, who later found fame with his band The Lightning Seeds. Their sole UK Singles Chart Top 50 single was “Thank You”, which reached #48 in 1982.

They split up in 1985, with Mick Head forming Shack and Andy Diagram joining James. Bassist Chris McCaffery died in 1989 of a brain tumour.

In November 2007, Head announced that he was reforming The Pale Fountains for two gigs, to take place the following February. The first gig was held at the Carling Academy in Liverpool on 2 February 2008.


* “(There’s Always) Something on My Mind” (July 1982) Operation Twilight
* “Thank You” (November 1982) Virgin UK #48[2]
* “Palm of My Hand” (May 1983) Virgin
* “Unless” (January 1984) Virgin
* “Don’t Let Your Love Start a War” (March 1984) Virgin
* “Jean’s Not Happening” (December 1984) Virgin
* “…From Across the Kitchen Table” (June 1985) Virgin


* Pacific Street (February 1984) Virgin V2274 UK #84[2]
* …From Across the Kitchen Table (February 1985) Virgin V2333 UK #94
* Longshot for Your Love (June 1998) Marina

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