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  • frommyknees


    maio 2013
  • deadbysun

    <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 I've got nothing to say

    setembro 2012
  • BogdanaSt


    agosto 2012
  • zlyadres

    makes me cry...truly beautiful song!

    abril 2012
  • margot_caro

    piękne ^^

    abril 2012
  • ms_creep

    omg the VOICE

    janeiro 2012
  • Grey_Taz

    this song makes me cry

    outubro 2011
  • freakin_jorjo

    So i had the terrible idea of listening to this song when I was on an airplane back from a three month trip to my best friend's house and i felt terribly sad, so much memories… this song is really special

    outubro 2011
  • untitled_finch

    still choking while listening to this song. so much memories, my love is immense

    julho 2011
  • Staceameatsix

    ай гот насиинг туу сээй *причём громко-громко*

    junho 2011
  • thahbianchi

    just amazing... and live, it's even better... can feel the tears coming just for reminding this song live on their show... what a deep song <3

    outubro 2010
  • alcemir_felix

    Só lembra vc!

    julho 2010
  • Nyolls

    Crazy that they didn't put this or Hatful of Love on the Konk record proper!!! Those two songs are better than half the stuff on Konk.

    julho 2010
  • alcemir_felix

    just amazing. one of those song, that makes you press "repeat" button on your player. +2

    junho 2010
  • iScream_pad

    just amazing. one of those song, that makes you press "repeat" button on your player.

    junho 2010
  • alcemir_felix

    Faz chorar!

    maio 2010
  • Mju_

    great song

    maio 2010
  • untitled_finch

    внутри всё переворачивается, когда слышу best song anyway!

    fevereiro 2010
  • ujebalamspodnie


    janeiro 2010
  • BandaKadade_123

    This song.....hmmm ohmylord is there words...i listened to it then immediately had to put it on repeat like 15 times!! <33 it has so much emotion,its just beautiful

    janeiro 2010
  • jeeejku

    I don't know why this song was only realised behind "making Konk" it's too awsome to be demo! When I'm listetning this song I only want to cry, it's my moment for reflection ... the txt is awsome and full of feelings... I hope they will realise it like normal song on cd...

    dezembro 2009
  • A_Lan

    I think its a song about a father figure or a brother.

    dezembro 2009
  • Tassila


    novembro 2009
  • Danger-ahead

    Эээх... Крутая песенка...

    novembro 2009
  • Jamiiiiieee

    outubro 2009
  • iisaa

    tolles lied <3

    setembro 2009
  • blond-bond

    <3 the lyrics.

    agosto 2009
  • perwersyjnie


    agosto 2009
  • tru_dude

    Reminds me of some old Rolling Stones

    julho 2009
  • bow8wow


    maio 2009
  • sing_27

    грустная она..

    maio 2009
  • Zhenya_Zhenya


    abril 2009
  • urwhatufeel

    Very good, man.

    abril 2009
  • renatolpb9

    Love it.

    abril 2009
  • Gunkgirl

    luv it

    fevereiro 2009
  • sinswtf

    the best song !!! ♥

    fevereiro 2009
  • just_metty


    janeiro 2009
  • Dj_JS

    reminds me of a girl..nice song

    janeiro 2009
  • Rock_Aleksa


    janeiro 2009
  • Maandu

    fuckin sweet song

    dezembro 2008
  • L0ug3r0n3

    Love this :D

    dezembro 2008
  • MrsPipeyMagraw

    I love it♥

    julho 2008
  • Ghost93

    Great song. Does anyone has the lyrics and chords?

    abril 2008
  • tammydongwon

    great vocal performance ^^

    abril 2008