With Sleater-Kinney on an indefinite and seemingly endless hiatus, singer and guitarist Corin Tucker has stepped up to the plate as the band’s first member with a solo album. Titled ‘1,000 Years,’ Tucker and her aptly-named Corin Tucker Band will release the album on Oct. 5 via her former band’s longtime home Kill Rock Stars. As a preview, the unique vocalist has posted a free MP3 of her lead single ‘Doubt’ and announced a two-part tour in October to coincide with the record’s release.

‘Riley’ picks up at a familiar place for Sleater-Kinney obsessives. Tucker’s howling, multi-octave vocals remain the centerpiece of her work, but there’s also plenty of angular guitar work, novel songwriting breakdowns and a soulful section with raucous handclaps and a blaring organ part. While many fans feared that motherhood would have mellowed Tucker, this track shows she knows her strengths and is still unafraid to pick up the guitar and rip away.

“It’s a challenge to have a musical career and to be a mom, but it’s awkward for every working mom, so the story continues,” Tucker said in a release. “I can’t do a crazy three-month tour now. We’re definitely playing shows, but it’s more like a week here, a week there. I don’t have the mentality that I’m going to change the world. I’ve enjoyed the movements I’ve been a part of — I think I did something for them, too. But now I’m more moderate in my career goals. I want to enjoy my life. I don’t have to turn it over to the machine.”

Tucker’s tour will stretch from her Pacific Northwest home in Portland down the coast to Los Angeles with the Golden Bears. After a nearly two-week break, the trek will resume in Boston with Hungry Ghost supporting.

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