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The Angelic Process


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The Angelic Process is a band comprising of K.Angylus & MDragynfly, out of Jacksonville, AL and Athens, GA respectively. The Angelic Process was formed in 1999 in Macon, Georgia, USA and they are considered as one of the pioneers and figureheads of the extreme music style called ambient drone metal.

On sept. 15. 2007 The Angelic Process was forced to put the band on hold indefinitely due to an severe hand injury of Kris Angylus. Sadly, his depression got the better of him and he just could not hold on any longer. Kris passed away on april 26th 2008.


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  • Thurible

    Neural net processor :

    Ontem 01:48 Responder
  • kondou-san

    Maybe it was first VPTS, but then it transforms into "drone/japanoise/metal/ambient/experimental". Genres very similar to TAP and it's very interesting. There is album called "Ouroboros", that probably [was] released in 2006.

    24 Jun 20h09 Responder
  • Kaltenhoenn

    It's nothing more than the first name of VPtS. She mentions "Akira Detonate" though.

    14 Jun 20h49 Responder
  • Kaltenhoenn

    14 Jun 20h48 Responder
  • Thurible

    I did not know this one. Any tracks on the web?

    13 Jun 19h46 Responder
  • kondou-san

    Do you know about Kristopher's fifth project named "i f a i l c r u s h i n g"?

    12 Jun 17h26 Responder
  • BezLast


    11 Jun 12h58 Responder
  • Kaltenhoenn

    I think I've reached the limit for now. It was absolutely insane.

    10 Jun 23h16 Responder
  • KillYourselff

    Музыка снов.

    3 Jun 21h18 Responder
  • Seasonreaper

    I don't know, I can only really imagine songs like Dying in A-Minor and Burning in the Undertow of God in almost pitch blackness with some dim, orangeish lighting subtly behind the stage. They're the kind of songs that would make you feel totally alone even in a full venue.

    25 Mai 23h31 Responder
  • Thurible

    @Kaltenhoenn I understand how you can relate to it in that closed-space way and I obviously wouldn't want to see them in an arena rock/pop atmosphere. But personally,I do think a gigantic venue with fog machines all over and panorama screens showing trippy/space visual animations would be more appropriate. Can you imagine them perform 'Burning in the Undertow of God' at 140 dB with an intricate shower of lights? Now that's a REAL drone concert. It would be like mixing a Sunn O))) concert with the visual prowess of Kraftwerk and the loudness of Manowar. Also,there would have to be seats for all goers. Some people might faint at this experience.

    10 Mai 17h26 Responder
  • Kaltenhoenn

    Search for it on Rutracker.

    10 Mai 14h40 Responder
  • tribespirit

    Hey does anyone have a copy of WSWS in FLAC format? Would love to have it for when listening through my PC :]

    10 Mai 13h20 Responder
  • Kaltenhoenn

    And the most important of all: no sponsors, no commercials and especially no attention of those, who aren't meant to be a part of this.

    10 Mai 10h58 Responder
  • Kaltenhoenn

    On the contrary, I imagine hearing them live in a claustrophobic and obscure venue, with intense cooling system, so that the guitar sound could be the only warmth in the room. Red and yellow lights, slightly dimlit. This humble poverty is inseparable from this music.

    10 Mai 10h50 Responder
  • Thurible

    Sometimes I imagine seeing TAP live: with a competent drummer,top-notch lighting systems,large IMAX screens,loudest sound arrangements on earth and the best possible venue that would be worthy of this music. What a glorious event it would be.

    8 Mai 21h44 Responder
  • Kadrek

    In my heart, in my soul, nothing and no one will replace TAP. They are, togheter with Tim Hecker, probably the reason I'm still alive.

    7 Mai 0h50 Responder
  • Reflechissant

    Album covers are shitty as fuck. I'm drunk right now and I feel like the music is better. Maybe I need drugs or something.

    6 Mai 20h08 Responder
  • TheBlackArk

    It's impossible to lost interest on this band, even if you do, a week is enough for you to relisten it and rediscovering all the magick, all the atmosphere... all the whatever the fuck you feel when you listen to them. K.Angylus has beem the only musician capable of doing music so specil it is capable of making me feel better even when i'm physically sick.

    5 Mai 17h56 Responder
  • prophetpope

    Weighing Souls with Sand and We All Die Laughing have great covers.

    30 Abr 18h55 Responder
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