• Sonata Arctica, The Agonist, Cellador @ Metro Chicago

    Set 23 2007, 14h13 por LexDark

    Fri 21 Sep – Sonata Arctica, Cellador, The Agonist
    The Agonist
    Sonata Arctica

    Edit : anyone that can help with the set lists is welcome to help me with that :D

    Now that I have almost recovered form the show let's try and write something about it.

    First thing to say about this concert, I wasn't that enthousiastic about going. I never really listened to Sonata Arctica, just heard some of their songs now and then at parties or in friends' cars. But well a metal concert is a metal concert, even though in america they are a lot calmer than what we have in France it's still a good time. Anyway, I went there with no clue of who was opening, or the kind of place Metro is.

    The day started as usual, gym, class. At 2 we're ready to hit the road to Chicago. After two hours and a half we arrive in Chicago's suburbs, happy with the light traffic we got. That was without counting on the so called express way that had us cover the last few miles in more than an hour. …