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Tender Trap is an indie rock/twee pop band, based in London (UK), formed in 2001 by three of the five members of Marine Research - Amelia Fletcher, Rob Pursey, and John Downfall. Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey were previously in the twee pop band Heavenly, and some have seen Tender Trap as representing a return to the pop aesthetic of that earlier band. On their first, electronically slanted album Film Molecules, the songs demonstrate an eclectic mix of musical styles, with a clear nod to the similarly eclectic approach taken by The Magnetic Fields on their 69 Love Songs album. The band's initial intention was to be a recording outfit only, due to their hatred of transporting drums from place to place. They compromised by playing live but using a CD player for backing beats. Additional live performers have included Claudia Gonson (of The Magnetic Fields) on drums, and Lupe Nunes-Fernandez of Pipas and Amor De Dias, who was a guest vocalist on the Language Lessons EP and the second album 6 Billion People. After a quiet 2007-2008, Tender Trap have reformed in 2009 as a five piece, with additional members Elizabeth Darling (also in Allo Darlin') on guitar and vocals and Katrina Dixon (formerly of Police Cat) on drums. They performed on the main stage at Indietracks festival in Derbyshire in July 2009. In 2010, Tender Trap released Dansette Dansette, a record that finds Fletcher working with "up-and-coming British indie luminaries, rediscovering her musical beginnings, and continuing to incorporate and impart feminist consciousness through sharp, yet tender, pop songs" [1]