• 100th Journal entry

    Nov 16 2007, 10h27 por talkingmusic

    It's all about music. Discovering the world through music is a nice way to get to know cultures, see how much we have in common and yet still different.
    Music from Asia. Titi DJ is my absolute favorite. She is not only a perfect singer and songwrite, but also a jury member for the Indonesian idol version. She is also very lovable, but ofcourse the first thing I like is her music.
    It is easy though to pick your favorites every time and write about them, but is still a place to find new artists and music. It is also a way to go back in time,when I was still young (still young of heart though) and was for two weeks crazy about punk, shifted to ska and rockabilly and even had a fanclub for the Stray Cats and met them personally.
    Funny thing though, I was the president of the fanclub but had no rockabilly looks at all...
    Sofia Vossou is an eurovision favorite of mine, but how hard to find her music in Holland. Thanks to I was able to hear other songs by her.
  • Correction and list of entries

    Nov 15 2007, 9h37 por talkingmusic

    First of all Tatar and not Saraa will represent Mongolia. Saraa did take part in 2006 though.

    Here a short list of the first known entries:

    Belgium: Clouseau with Vonken en vuur
    Lebanon: Houssam Habib with "Lissa"
    Netherlands: Glennis Grace with "Hoe"
    Nepal: Mongolian Heart with "Timi Lai Dhekhera"
    Greece: Nikos Vertis with "Mono Gia Sena"
    France: Zazie with "Je Suis Un Homme"
    Turkey: Mustafa Sandal with "Suc Bende"
    Pakistan: Ali Zafar with "Masty"
    Armenia: Lena Shamamyan with "Ya Mayla"
    Israel: Shirley Riger with "layla Lol Ragu'a
    Australia: Rogue Traders with "In Love Again"
    Egypt: Tamer Hosny with "Enaya Bethebbak"
    Vietnam: Cao Thai Son with "Khong the Quen
    Hong Kong: Pong Nan with "Feng Lai"
    Russia: Pelagea with Kumushki
    Mongolia: Tatar with "Esreg Udur"
  • Promotion of artists merely because they happen to identify with a certain ethnicity…

    Ago 9 2007, 22h59 por Ainurel

    ... here I'm promoting a bunch of bloody Tatars anyway.

    Ässälämä aleikem!

    Ever since I was a small child I have been nourishing a not-so-secret pride in being one-quarter Tatar. There's nothing cooler than throwing an almost completely unknown, mysterious, faintly Oriental identity label in the face of narrow-minded monocultural Scandinavians. It doesn't matter if they confuse Tatars with tattare (travellers, tinkers, gypsies). It doesn't matter if they confuse Tatars with Genghis Khan's Mongol horde. It does matter if they misspell Tatar with an extra r, though!

    Actually, most Tatars in my near family are rather boring people with Scandinavian values and a bourgeois lifestyle. Some might be in the carpet retail business or visit the rectangular, unassuming mosque in central Helsinki on occasion. Throughout their 150 years in Finland, the Finnish Tatars have taken care to assimilate into an increasingly ethno-nationalist majority culture by adopting, adapting and improving. …
  • Listen to music from past entries and this year!!!

    Abr 19 2007, 17h50 por talkingmusic

    If you would like to hear songs from the past as well from the coming contest, you are welcome to check out our on-line folders with music.
    Go to and search in tags for isf2002, isf2003, isf2004, isf2005, isf2006, isf2007 or eurovision and you can listen to many of the songs, and we are busy to get them all complete as soon as possible.

    Listen to the first entry of japan by
    Tackey & Tsubasa listen to previous winners like Idin and Titi DJ, pre-selection songs for Indonesia 2007 by Agnes Monica or the Mongolian entry for 2007 Tatar. Also
    Siti Nurhaliza (malaysia 2002) and others.

    Don't forget to join our group to be kept updated about the latest news related to International Song Festival 2007!!!
  • Hip Hop for Mongolia

    Mar 18 2007, 20h51 por talkingmusic

    This year is again going to see a mixture of all kind of songs. Dance and pop, folk and ... hip-hop! mongolia is going into the battle with not less than the group Tatar, the best hip-hop band in Asia!
    Esreg Udur is the title, and I think that Mongolia might surprise many!