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Tale Twist



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tale twist it’ s a one man effort to make music. it’ s joão ricardo experimenting with sounds basically. after finishing my degree in graphic design and art direction, living in manchester, england for 4 years, i came across the mighty john peel show on bbc’ s radio one and from that point on i believe my life has never being the same… he started it all, really. i mean that show was extremelly rich, he used to play tunes from all over the globe, the pig pigs 78 was just class…i loved that part of the show…but any how…i still got all the tapes i recorded from those lonely nights…

moving on i started off having an urge to make electronic music. i used to be a headbanger and i used to play play guitar in a heavy metal band called “sanatariun” and since then i tryed to make music that was like two or three styles in one, like a mix within a song, therefore i normally try to create something that actually celebrate the diversity of styles and genres. that’ s my intention any way. composers like john cage and the movement called serialism, inspired me to create music, influenced by the notion of ‘chance’, instead of following some sort of tone or something…

i believe i’ ve got a lot to do and eventhough i haven’ t got all the gear and shit musicians normally have, i try to make the most of it and have fun throught the way. i’ ve been learning how to live with desapointments and stand up after each fall, but i believe i am on the right track now and it’ s going to be great living from now on.

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