• Top 100 Albums Of The Decade (100 - 81)

    Out 8 2009, 16h16 por GazGod

    ALBUMS 2000 - 2009

    There is no ulterior motive for these journals. This is as honest and truthful as I can be. I am not a part of some online music publication or have any desire to stick to trends or include what is currently popular, unless I genuinely feel it deserves to be (waves at Pitchfork & NME fans). I am not some budding music journalist trying to entice people with a flouncy, 'know it all' attitude. If you agree with some of my choices then that's great! If you don't then that's great too. I mean, who cares anyway? It's just a bit of fun.

    Please feel free to check back over the next couple of months to see the remaining entries. I will be updating each album entry with my own little review (the top 20 more substantially).

    100. Junior Boys - So This Is Goodbye (2006)


    So we start with Junior Boys and the ‘So This Is Goodbye’ record. …