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  • david134679

    esta buenasooooo¡¡¡¡¡

    agosto 2011
  • captjpeters

    I have this album, but it does not have the same art work and it is missing some of his songs, like fragile, seven days..?

    agosto 2011
  • pokerlist

    great album, all the best songs in one!

    janeiro 2010
  • sezreena

    i love the song called roxanne because my sister is called roxanne haha x

    agosto 2009
  • MyInfoMatrix

    Memories. nannygoat said correct. Enchanting. I was a kid visiting my cousin at Oxford Uni (yes he is very clever) who bought this brilliant kenwood hi-fi. This track still does not sound as good on my system as it did that day. Amazing. From an Englishman who has yet to see NY. Sting is a legend.

    maio 2009
  • nannygoat67

    Enchanting album

    abril 2009
  • watevgirl

    Great album!!!! Play it all the time

    abril 2009
  • Deandl

    Einfach genial;-)

    março 2009
  • Euuuuuuuu


    janeiro 2009
  • xalapensis

    Sting is the law... chido..

    dezembro 2008
  • schroeder353

    Wie es eben so ist mit den "Best OF" - echte Fans haben schon alles irgendwo und gehört sowieso. Aber guter Einstieg für "neue" Police und Sting-Fans.

    novembro 2008