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  • PizzaStatic

    Fun fact: a friend of mine is hooking up with his daughter.

    abril 2014
  • IamFlood

    One of the original grandmothers of rock n roll. Rock on!

    fevereiro 2014
  • Drazba

    A really good underrated guitar player. That's what has always drawn me to him.

    janeiro 2014
  • hanszarkov vote this up!

    julho 2013
  • TheGreatChupon

    Damn straight:

    junho 2013
  • right33

    new Stills album coming out next month. also, check out his 2011 song "Low Barefoot Tolerance" it's a classic

    abril 2013
  • odd_trip

    it seems, "Stephen Stills" is the only one album where is Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix played together .....

    março 2013
  • abercorn

    manassas was great

    fevereiro 2013
  • presstoplay85

    stils still underrated as a solo artist

    novembro 2012
  • right33

    hot damn, Man Alive! is absolutely fantastic. such a well done and pristine piece, especially musically. damn

    novembro 2012
  • RoyDeSmet

    Oddly I think his solo work is far inferior to Graham Nash's or Neil Young's solo work, or his CSN(Y)-stuff.

    outubro 2012
  • HardRokas

    I agree, his solo stuff is great.

    fevereiro 2012
  • rockmetalrules

    so underrated as a solo artist! just about every song he was a part of is golden :)

    janeiro 2012
  • Bentwick09

    Happy Birthday Mr. Stills....

    janeiro 2012
  • rockmetalrules

    just beginning to really discover his solo stuff & i must say i'm impressed.

    janeiro 2012
  • picaresquezen

    Love your work in Sex Bob-omb ;)

    novembro 2011
  • Goon_

    Treetop Flyer... 'nuff said.

    agosto 2011
  • TheFatChocobo

    Stephen Stills 2 is one hell of an album!

    agosto 2011
  • Bentwick09

    Stephen topped Dylan and Paul Simon as the best American songwriter. He was the US version of Lennon [2]

    abril 2011
  • SageJK

    A legend..but where is 'tree top flier'? Last FM needs explain self. Censorship is it....

    abril 2011
  • judejuke

    Yes underrated , total legend! check out relaxing town- stephen stills2 . Unbeatable

    janeiro 2011
  • bloozinator

    Stephen Stills deserves more recognition than he gets. In my book he's a giant. Manassas is my favorite album.

    dezembro 2010
  • JayelleFarmer

    I absolutely love the music of Stephen Stills. My photo icon is from my piece in the audience in the video from the Supershow concert in 1969.

    novembro 2010
  • BillStrange

    He was great with The Springfield and his early solo work.

    setembro 2010
  • Bazinga42

    Well, one more reason to thanks Bryan Lee O'Mailey if I ever see him: thanks to the guy, I got to know the original Stephen Stills. And he is epic.

    agosto 2010
  • therhapsody

    Scott Pilgrim.

    julho 2010
  • Endy9

    Stephen topped Dylan and Paul Simon as the best American songwriter. He was the US version of Lennon.

    junho 2010
  • Bentwick09

    Stephen Stills overdue...... :)

    maio 2010
  • dandrury

    Av a listen to Unsigned home grown quirky goodness....!!! Recently uploaded and new to

    março 2010
  • Harry_handlebar

    Love Stills and stillplay his songs in nightclubs

    fevereiro 2010
  • Musicboehmy

    Hi , here you can check my new Group „Singer-Songwriter of the week“ Link is Here can you vote for songwriter each week and so we created a Hall Of Fame.....

    janeiro 2010
  • StanLeChinois

    LEGEND Greetings from Paris /France

    dezembro 2009
  • RonenKohavi

    Love the album with you in a Cleveland Browns Jersey:

    dezembro 2009
  • Bentwick09

    brilliant guitarist (one of the best) & singer......

    dezembro 2009
  • EmmaTarantino

    the best <3

    novembro 2009
  • Unabrewer

    Underrated is an understatement.

    setembro 2009
  • vsap

    Stephen introduced me to Martin guitars, Gibson Johnny Smith single cutaways and the Gretsch White Falcon. The man plays it hot!

    maio 2009
  • ericporcher

    So good

    maio 2009
  • trackaghost

    Finally, a decent photo of Mr Stills!

    março 2009
  • csthyporfidio


    fevereiro 2009
  • jazzgeorge

    very smoky

    fevereiro 2009

    Con su música me voy a los primeros años 70 cuando vivíamos con más ilusión y esperanza...

    janeiro 2009
  • PalCaremusic

    Songs of Love...Peaceful New Year!

    janeiro 2009
  • marshmellow_man

    dezembro 2008
  • kafloyd

    A great gig in London on Sat 11th - highlights for me were 4+20, Johnnys Garden and Helplessly Hoping - brilliant :)

    outubro 2008
  • Manassas1

    Saw him yesterday in London, he sang great and his guitar was singin'

    outubro 2008
  • igetje

    stills <3

    junho 2008
  • gringostarr

    w00t!!!!! The man is coming to my town!!!!! Bought me some tickets the moment I found out....I know it wont be like days gone by but like Young, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see one of my all-time favorites playing live!!!

    junho 2008
  • Endy9

    Stephen was as important to american songwriting as Lennon was to British songwriting. Stephen is an American Icon!

    abril 2008
  • jakeymoore1234

    he is the best. no doubt.

    março 2008