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  • Andreahhhh

    I just realized how much this sounds like Spiritualized's "Come Together"

    janeiro 2013
  • super-chicken

    favorite spoon song

    julho 2012
  • DoctorSmakk

    best track on the album.

    maio 2012
  • djnonplus

    just the beginning where the bass comes in. probably the best moment on the album.

    maio 2012
  • traytray89


    fevereiro 2012
  • sjharrison

    Great track just popping up whilst finishing my work for the week..

    outubro 2011
  • eric_atd

    !hooray austin!

    abril 2011
  • Meerahpowell

    this song is fucking awesome. [3]

    março 2011
  • banapaulo

    Great fun to play on piano. Also, a pretty novel song in Spoon's repertoire in that it just keeps building momentum. It's probably the only song of their's I'd go as far as calling epic.

    janeiro 2011
  • iamitg

    this song is fucking awesome. [2]

    novembro 2010
  • laralah

    How I love this song!!! Btw best greetings to my dear friend Slick1ru2.

    julho 2010
  • ledhead22

    this song is fucking awesome.

    julho 2010
  • benadlard


    junho 2010
  • raysravens52

    @homestar2525: Really? I'm having a hard time picturing any guitar solo fitting in there.

    maio 2010
  • homestar2525

    as much of an "indie kid" as I am, I think this song could use a solid guitar solo rather than just noise.

    fevereiro 2010
  • frimsah

    myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy mathematical mind can see the breaks

    outubro 2009
  • without_s4nity

    for five minutes, everything is all right with the world...

    dezembro 2008
  • djnonplus

    IIIIII Wanna change...your mind - I love it!

    novembro 2008
  • b-boy64

    Found out the credits to the Acura TSX commercial with James Spader's voice over and your awesome song sets the mood perfectly. Nice!!!!

    junho 2008

    stabs of guitar = awesomeness

    maio 2008
  • kristenbrutus

    OH...greatest intro/moan or whatever it is

    fevereiro 2008
  • missstephonme

    you wanna spoon

    novembro 2007
  • The--Kid

    builder....i'm gunna get it right one of these days

    outubro 2007
  • dturgentbyrne

    Funny. When I first made my husband listen to Spoon, he says This guy sounds like Randy Newman. (I don't really hear it. Okay, maybe some words he sings, but it's not totally the same.)

    julho 2007
  • lvanderv

    Ummmmmmmmm... no.

    maio 2007
  • nickjamesuk

    Doesn't he sing just like Randy Newman?

    junho 2006