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  • bingbongbilly


    agosto 2010
  • Oelbergqueen

    dabei schön auf den Boden gucken, vor und zurück gehen und mit dem Armen rudern! Ja ja, good old times...

    maio 2010
  • 9wires


    fevereiro 2010
  • frater_vio

    good times they was *dances*

    janeiro 2010
  • Jelenino


    novembro 2009
  • mmarkb

    never heard of them..til now . What a shame.

    julho 2009
  • AlexxDeLarge

    Spizz, the inmortal

    abril 2009
  • JoyVay

    i wana cover this hit!

    março 2009
  • hellyj

    Bumped into Spizz taking a piss at A Carbon Silicon gig last year ... he was saddened how Spizz E did not make it really big ... such a shame .. bloody brilliant track

    março 2009
  • knobbystiles

    this had a profound effect on my musical taste before I was even in my teens (I think it made me Wham and Stock Aitken and Waterman proof, thank god!)

    dezembro 2008
  • skott1966

    Yeah... absolutely..... what build-up

    setembro 2008
  • yersi


    março 2008