• Snow Patrol Manchester evening News Arena November 29th 2006

    Nov 30 2006, 14h46 por pesky33

    This isn’t really a review. A review should be an unbiased and considered opinion. I don’t feel I can possibly do this, because I just loved it too much.

    I can’t say I’ve been into them since the start – I have purchased the two oldest albums, but I haven’t really given them much time, as the production is a bit tinny, and to be honest, I can’t be bothered when Eyes Open is next to them on the shelf. Neither has it been a burning desire for years; I love the albums, but I thought live they might be quite ordinary. Gary Lightbody has an amazing voice, but I was never sure whether they’d be that watchable.

    What I didn’t count on was the fact Lightbody is enthralling live. He jerks about like a mannequin during the fast tracks, earnestly curls around the mike stand during the slow tracks. He sings with such emotion, particularly during Chasing Cars, that I would defy anyone not to be moved by it. Personally, I was bawling my eyes out, much to my own embarrassment.

  • Snow Patrol Koko...

    Abr 14 2006, 17h44 por elmoo

    Snow PatrolFinal StrawThe Spinto Band
    Wednesday Night, WOW. What can i say! I'll start with The Spinto Band, Its got to be a good thing when the band has a Kazoo player in it! They were fabulous, and although most of the audienced seemed more concerned with the fact that Snow Patrol were quite obviously enjoying their set from the side of the stage, they were brilliant. I was humming direct to helmet for the rest of the night!
    Right, Snow Patrol... I think its really dawned on them that they are playing with the big boys now! Koko is an amzing venue and probebly the smallest place they'll play for a while... in Gary's own words "Hello to all the people way back there, you're like cake people, just without the wedding attire." Best description of a blacony i've heard in a while!
    On with the music They played a brilliantly mixed set Going through the loved tracks from Final Straw as well as loads from Eyes Open.
    The guys were obviously enjoying them selves, and with no bum notes or fluffed lines…
  • snow patrol

    Mar 21 2006, 0h15 por suitsandshoes

    I'm sort of wondering why I had never discovered this lovely and delish group before...Starfighter Pilot