PcClean v4 Released

20 Out 2011 | de

To all of you who use Windows - whether it be XP, Vista, Win7 or the Administrators of Windows Servers - the latest and greatest version of the ever-so-popular free PcClean application has been released to the masses via For those of you not yet familiar with this handy application, PcClean is the smallest, most powerful Windows cleaning tool ever. Clear out the unnecessary junk with PcClean. PcClean is an application I developed for all Windows users that takes "Administrative Tasks" from their various locations in the Windows Operating System and combines them in one very easy to use, lightweight java application. The tasks that PcClean evokes are normal Windows maintenance tasks that are generally spread throughout the operating system, but now all contained in one small, easy to use place. PcClean clears files with the intention of removing them completely from your system, no backups are made. This program was designed to make your Windows operating system run cleaner/smoother/faster/etc with regular use. With PcClean, you can clear out your recycle bin, event logs, browser cache/history/cookies/etc, defrag your pc and also use the powerful "Sage" settings. Download version 4 here: and enjoy clean Windows.

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