• Shadow Gallery finally play live in Europe

    Out 4 2010, 12h05 por chazzyf

    Sun 3 Oct – Shadow Gallery, Maplerun
    I think that I originally heard about Shadow Gallery through the pages of Your Majesty - the fanzine of the French Dream Theater fan club and as recently as 6 or 7 years ago I would have killed to have seen a live show from the band, but they rather lost me as a fan with Legacy and I haven't had the same enthusiasm for them since. However they are a band that I still wanted to see live, so I was all set to plunge in and buy a ticket for Progpower Europe when the band announced a UK show.

    I wasn't too impressed when I heard that the band supporting them around Europe - Maplerun were describing themselves as a 'modern rock band', but they were good at what they did and I managed to survive 3 or 4 songs.

    Shadow Gallery (once the sound was sorted out, which was after the first couple of numbers) were awesome. The guys were clearly pumped up to be playing a) live and b) in Europe and played enthusiastically throughout. …