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  • Monade2010

    ° ♥ ♫¸¸.• ( still SO timeLESS brilliant ) •.¸¸ ♫ ♥ °

    março 2013
  • tettigonia


    julho 2012
  • ambytbfl

    the voice does not match the appearance! very soulful

    novembro 2011
  • pjbird

    Class track from a great voice

    abril 2010
  • DianaWB

    One of my all time favourite tunes. Makes me think of driving down to Cornwall for Christmas. Blue sky above, crashing sea below and a heart full of love.........x.x

    janeiro 2010
  • krismatt123

    reminice of the late mr martyn........... true talent.xx

    maio 2009
  • christheseahog

    Awesome. What a voice!

    fevereiro 2009


    dezembro 2008
  • architecto

    he was an awesome support for rufus wainwright. this is a beautiful song "the coffee you poured me is cold, the paper i'm reading is old and that smile is not your own..." means a lot...

    novembro 2008
  • lapetri


    outubro 2008
  • lllcaoslll

    wooooooooooooooow my god, this is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!

    outubro 2008
  • elcerezo

    too folkie to my ears, it has all ingredients to be an aceptable song, very easy listening

    setembro 2008
  • Helly77

    absolutely gorgeous song :)

    julho 2008
  • Sepulchre

    hm, good sheeeet

    julho 2008
  • zhalli

    I've played him so much just love him

    junho 2008
  • zoeeeeeeee2111

    wow thats so nice, never heard him before but thats great =)

    maio 2008
  • mariahedez

    this guy is amazing.

    abril 2008
  • lllcaoslll

    Woooooooow, I never heard him before, but already the first few tones have blown me away. Never felt in love so quickly. Need his CD, RIGHT NOW!!!! Amazing

    abril 2008
  • FeriaFM

    The album is great!

    março 2008
  • simoburg

    I saw e live an e was a good 'un

    janeiro 2008
  • sellainen

    i love this song!

    outubro 2007