Sandro Perri is a musician and producer from Toronto, Canada. He sings and plays guitar, percussion and electronics. While mostly self-taught, he studied jazz theory and arranging in his formative years. He has been involved in various projects across a spectrum of styles since his 1999 recorded debut. Under his given name he is a singer of songs, favouring loose renderings of original material in a solo setting - with kick drum, guitar and electronics - or with a rotating cast of improvisers. In Polmo Polpo he constructs long-form instrumental music, improvising a blend of dance, drones, pop, minimalism and noise into an ever-changing sound of his own.

He has collaborated in a handful of duos (Glissandro 70, Double Suicide, Dot Wiggin) and in one-off settings with Eric Chenaux and Andre Ethier. Semi-regular band memberships have included Great Lake Swimmers, Barzin and Detective Kalita. As a remixer and producer he has worked on music by Stephen Malkmus, Grizzly Bear, Great Lake Swimmers, Deep Dark United and more. He released his first 4 12″s on his own Audi Sensa label and has since worked with numerous others in over a dozen releases, most notably with the Montreal-based Constellation label.

Past live performances throughout Europe and North America include festival stops at Tanned Tin (Spain), All Tomorrow’s Parties (UK), Domino (Belgium), MUTEK (Canada), Wordless Music Series (U.S.A.), Send+Receive (Canada), X Avant (Canada), Nuit Blanche (Canada), SappyFest (Canada) and Printemps Du Bourges (France).

In 2006, he received grants from the Ontario Arts Council and the Toronto Arts Council for recording and composition.

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