Samiam is a band from El Sobrante, California formed in 1988 after the breakup of the Gilman club mainstay Isocracy. They have a sound akin to Jawbreaker, Hot Water Music, Seaweed and As Friends Rust. They released records through New Red Archives and Hopeless Records in the US and Burning Heart Records in Europe. They also had a release on a major label, Atlantic Records. They achieved minor mainstream success; their video for Capsized gain a lot of airplay on MTV, and they performed on the Jon Stewart Show in 1994. Members of the band are also currently involved in Solea, Attention: and The Fakers.

Samiam should not be confused with Samian, a band featuring a young Tré Cool, later of Green Day or Samhain, Glenn Danzig’s post-Misfits band, which would later become Danzig.

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