11 Nov 2008 | de

Never to Forever EP finished now what!?!?!

Yooo just wanted to take a moment and thank all the fans for the unreal support. A special shout goes out to the fans and staff!

I have managed to release my first effort as a solo artist the Never to Forever EP (something I never thought would happen). I have decided to put most of my time into my career as an artist...I'm still producing like madd but I guess I'm going be producing a lot for myself now...

If you've grabbed the EP then thank you. If you want to get it then use the links below after I ramble on a bit more...

By now almost all urban and college radio stations have the track "Got a Love Woman". Just request it... If you have a station in your country or online you would like to hear the music on then send an email to and we will try to hook that up!

Last I want to thank all the reviewers...they have made me confident that I have a place in this game as an artist, producer and a musician, as well as hip-hop has a big future, where the best is yet to come!

Keep them minds open people and thanks for listening



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