• Roll the Bones in pressure

    Jul 9 2006, 10h55 por Vilfvgbi

    'Ello! Im back with Roll the Bones in my journal. I bought this album four days ago and now im listening it all the time.

    Let the fray begin! erhm...

    Dreamline starts with Alex's genius intro and it continues within the song. But what about the song? It's brilliant. Rush has done a classic, again. Here are three separate verses and they are the lock and key in this song. 10/10

    Bravado is Neil's very impressive art. Lyrics are GREAT and the message in song is so touchable. Only one bad thing, other's dont understand this song if they aren't fans of Rush. This song is for every mood what we have. But the song is still 10/10

    Roll the Bones is next in list. This song has so many memories ála chorus and this is mine all-time-favourite. Here is another classic what includes Neil's rap-section. It's another groovy thing in this song. Again, 10/10

    Face Up is not so popural Rush-song, but you could like this- like I do. This is grooviest song on this album. This means to be in Roll the Bones, but this is not an classic. …