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  • robveiga

    This song is very good

    maio 2015
  • eleniceramos


    fevereiro 2015
  • rockandrolljoe


    janeiro 2015


    dezembro 2014
  • shoegazefan


    novembro 2014

    let's go

    setembro 2014
  • apouroiselle

    beautiful... I could spend my whole life afloat...

    agosto 2014
  • adventureba

    i`m sailing...

    abril 2014
  • cjfreckles

    love to sail

    março 2014


    março 2014
  • aino_island

    very great.!!!

    janeiro 2014
  • oldchap2

    Whatever floats your boat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    dezembro 2013
  • thebroadcast


    outubro 2013
  • kiteo

    Never heard this before, liked it till he started singing.

    abril 2013
  • alanemayo

    Memories of an assistant I had who's boy friend was on the Ark Royal and was on the ship at the time of the TV series came out and obviously she loved this record. Grate track

    março 2013
  • alainchaumont


    fevereiro 2013
  • supersteveme

    I will have to replicate that note if thats all it takes Nita

    dezembro 2012
  • NitaD1

    On that note..........bed!

    outubro 2012
  • williiewombat

    Many thanks to Gavin Sutherland who wrote and recorded the original. You deserve those royalties :-)

    outubro 2012

    Everyone seems to adore this song....and hey, it's a great song, but in my mind this was the start of Rod's decline into middle of the road mediocrity. Such a pity he never got back together with the Faces.

    setembro 2012
  • roisinoldfield

    so touching!... i loved it from the first time)

    agosto 2012
  • meandmymini

    sailin to be free........ ♥‿♥

    julho 2012
  • NitaD1

    Memories flooding disco's, waving your hands above your head, screaming this out...wonderful :-)

    julho 2012
  • softscoop

    nice one rod

    maio 2012
  • larissa_yf

    I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ♥

    abril 2012
  • below50

    to be free...Love it

    março 2012
  • chltpleasure

    amazing voice

    fevereiro 2012
  • smoothwoman

    He's very sexy! I love this song

    janeiro 2012
  • blindowl8

    saw rod do this in LA back in the year 75 had an orchestra walk on stage as the last person got on stage the music started playing what a night

    novembro 2011
  • mpelena

    I LOVE!!!

    novembro 2011
  • davidgeorgea

    For all those who are sailing in stormy weathers .. Hold on ,and you will get through ../(*V*)\ never give up..

    novembro 2011
  • walt176869


    setembro 2011
  • kiteo

    And me. And that documentary about the Ark Royal.

    agosto 2011
  • venicechance

    This evokes childhood memories for me...

    agosto 2011
  • CidaDuarteF

    Wow Super!! Super!!

    junho 2011
  • davidgeorgea

    One of his best songs and I love it (*_*)

    abril 2011
  • Godskeep

    Takes me back......

    março 2011


    janeiro 2011
  • Zielona88

    brings back a lot of memories... good memories

    outubro 2010
  • yangyangyang

    Great lyrics.!!!

    setembro 2010
  • causesomething

    Beautiful track! Great lyrics.

    agosto 2010
  • Toyakisslove :)

    agosto 2010
  • kittycandy94

    good song :D

    agosto 2010
  • KuroSabbath

    Really gets stuck in your head. I often hear this on a ship.

    julho 2010
  • imagine_thc

    my mum had me promise her that id put this on, on her funeral...i love the song but it's a little wierd to listen to due to that promise...

    junho 2010
  • jetgar

    Beautiful version of this song......;-))

    junho 2010
  • pedrohrmc

    without fear of being corny! who can sing with such accuracy?

    maio 2010
  • zgorzal92

    What is name the guitarist ?

    março 2010
  • Musikspidy

    1 A super

    janeiro 2010
  • MGT7

    for ever sailing...............

    janeiro 2010