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  • ViniciusDA

    Power fucking Rangers. [2]

    Semana passada
  • Sc0rian

    such a awesome track.. always have to crank up the volume

    julho 2014
  • SthefanyBianca

    RHCP know how to do a good cover. [7]

    junho 2014
  • ogonek

    Better than original

    março 2014
  • coloredpepper

    RHCP know how to do a good cover. [6]

    março 2014
  • fuckyouty1

    great cover

    dezembro 2013
  • brendamagalhs

    RHCP know how to do a good cover. [5]

    outubro 2013
  • kiteo

    julho 2013
  • dimitb


    junho 2013
  • MetalHeart87


    maio 2013
  • ThePowerStation


    maio 2013
  • FrankyRey

    Power fucking Rangers.

    maio 2013
  • joecubbie

    Great old school RHCP

    abril 2013
  • MIKEH3875

    definitely an awesome cover

    março 2013
  • Cochise26

    Never gets old

    janeiro 2013
  • Taiteki

    I love the original and this awesome cover. Both are great.

    janeiro 2013
  • RedjMusic

    one of my fave covers by anyone...ever!

    dezembro 2012
  • Riseagainst0516

    The outro sounds very Bad Religion inspired.

    novembro 2012
  • _tourniquet

    this song is soooo good, I mean the cover..:)

    outubro 2012
  • ProgPro96

    RHCP know how to do a good cover. [4]

    outubro 2012
  • Sulisk


    agosto 2012
  • RenanGuerreiroC

    @Watamelonmofo The song that plays in the rollerblading scene is Free Ride by Dan Hatman. Higher Ground plays in the sky diving scene.

    julho 2012
  • LostImeem

    My favorite memory of this song is of hearing it on the stereo system at Club Nu in South Beach right before Nine Inch Nails took the stage in February, 1990. They were opening for the magnificent Jesus and Mary Chain.

    junho 2012
  • tina777

    Great show in Chicago last night!

    maio 2012
  • ruancmc

    RHCP know how to do a good cover. [3] a FUCKING good one! <3

    maio 2012
  • Watamelonmofo

    I always remember this song playing in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as their rollerblading.

    março 2012
  • maplejet

    Did RHCP give a shout out to Stevie in the song itself? Near the end before the "outro"?

    fevereiro 2012
  • capnocean

    RHCP at their funky best

    janeiro 2012
  • AM_Poet

    Stevie knows!

    janeiro 2012
  • LotemBen

    What a great song to start the day!!! Wooohoooooooo

    dezembro 2011
  • NitaD1


    dezembro 2011
  • Grimmoire

    final few seconds sound like the riff to Keine Uberdosis Deutschland by Normahl :P

    dezembro 2011
  • Pedrorockeiro


    dezembro 2011
  • Lalena87

    great cover!

    novembro 2011
  • andymadden


    outubro 2011
  • BurpingTimmy

    better than orginal, fuck, it's amazing! :D :D [3]

    setembro 2011
  • H0USE-MD

    Sleppers, just stop sleeping, 'cause it won't be too long.

    setembro 2011
  • crispolly

    RHCP know how to do a good cover. [2]

    setembro 2011
  • kiteo

    Only song of theirs I like, and it's a cover.

    setembro 2011
  • davidbowiegirl

    Good song. Haven't heard the original to my knowledge.

    setembro 2011
  • Aero26

    Red Hot Chilli Peppers cover? This ought to be sacrilegious. To each his own though. They did their own thing.

    agosto 2011
  • KingsAndQueen

    @crispolly What? How can people talk about the song like that? This version is just heavier and rockish, but by any means...this cover wouldn't have existed if Stevie wouldn't sang it and composed it in first place :c

    julho 2011
  • angel_clipped

    Their best song.

    julho 2011
  • marcelius21

    Funky version, bass it's just... Priceless.

    junho 2011
  • alfonzoloya

    better than orginal, fuck, it's amazing! :D :D [2]

    junho 2011
  • tommyhaych

    I've heard this song a thousand times but I had no idea it was these guys! Unbelievable Jeff.

    maio 2011
  • xXPyrophorusXx

    True Malkamillian....Mother's Milk was their best

    abril 2011
  • xXPyrophorusXx

    Stellar Cover!! Haven't heard the original though

    abril 2011
  • Malkamillian

    from way back, before the Chilli's were shit.

    abril 2011
  • CheezyNoodles

    awesome cover!!!! gotta love the Chilis :)

    abril 2011