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  • mackcee

    oh she la

    dezembro 2013
  • drastic67

    Wow I haven't heard this like for ever

    dezembro 2013
  • Streetlight

    Lady Cab Driver?

    dezembro 2013
  • Cure1980

    It s this not Prince with Sheela E like Purple Rain also..

    outubro 2013
  • KingFahtah

    Most unconvincing english accent ever, yeah I thought Prince had a hand in this too it has his sound

    agosto 2013
  • RolloB16

    I love Old Skool and New!

    maio 2013
  • monalisa2013

    lol @ at playing the tape over and over til it popped! lol

    maio 2013
  • Ezekiel22


    abril 2013
  • JOE197023456


    abril 2013
  • jinglynnbabee

    played this whole tape over and over til it popped... :)

    março 2013
  • Vallyre

    Old school.... but a classic.....

    março 2013
  • belgarion_us

    Nice! Thought Prince had something to do with this until I read the info.

    fevereiro 2013
  • jujucunt


    janeiro 2013
  • mackpm

    yep yep

    dezembro 2012
  • jinglynnbabee

    Jammin'! <3 RFTW :O)

    dezembro 2012
  • Kelphill

    This is my jam!!

    outubro 2012
  • msippigirl

    Ready or not.... this was and is a great one!

    agosto 2012
  • Secret_Omen

    bangin simmons drums & linn9000 beatline!

    agosto 2012
  • Revagr

    This song still JAMS!!!

    maio 2012
  • foxmusicbox


    abril 2012
  • sharonkbaby

    ya gotta love it/ its ohhh anybody...RIGHT???

    março 2012
  • junkmanjimmy

    OOOOOH Yeah!!!..................Old Great One!!!..............................

    fevereiro 2012
  • funkquanaut1

    DANCE, DANCE, DANCE!!! Ready For The World was definetely ready ,when they unleashed it on us! MELVIN RILEY HAD THE VOICE TO PULL IT!! String of top notch flytes! When he went solo he banged us again!!!!! WHOSE IS IT? YALL KNOW WHAT IM TALKIN BOUT OR DO U? IM A FUNKLIBRARIAN SO IM VERSED AND GOTA Ph D WHEN IT COMES TO THIS THANG !! -- - funkquanaut1

    fevereiro 2012
  • geeky38

    love this song

    dezembro 2011
  • LadyTee71

    "0' SHEILA was a w1ld gurL"

    outubro 2011
  • Abkeda

    and isn't that her banging on the drums...she rocks!!!!

    outubro 2011
  • murjanb

    yes a Classic

    outubro 2011
  • oneidarexgirl

    me too need more music like this

    setembro 2011
  • libertyqq

    I wish they still made music like this....More FUNK!

    setembro 2011
  • NinjaRap

    Wow, I was six years old and doing my best two step to this song! Classic!

    agosto 2011
  • mspinky72

    OH WOW....

    agosto 2011
  • gacunna34

    Pure 80's!!!!

    julho 2011
  • Wolkenengelchen

    like it

    maio 2011
  • randolph4772

    I love this track!!

    maio 2011
  • kari54

    I named my bong Sheila

    abril 2011

    that kinky ass KNOCK KNOCK sound MUST be patented!

    fevereiro 2011
  • KrysieDee

    Oh Shelia!!

    janeiro 2011
  • bns277

    love it!!

    janeiro 2011
  • musiksmom

    Talent show in 8th grade!

    janeiro 2011
  • poppa7


    dezembro 2010
  • GA_urbanbella

    damn...i love this song, but it gets stuck in my head and i end up singing it for like a week straight.

    dezembro 2010
  • GODZILLA_1964

    let me love you til the moanin comes? lol

    dezembro 2010
  • PurpleAfropuffs

    Woah bringing back Jerri Curl memories. lolol Love this song :-)

    dezembro 2010
  • SheritaBrown

    let me love u til the mornin comes! lol love this song!

    novembro 2010
  • poppa7

    I love this song!!! One of my favorite dance tracks!!!

    outubro 2010
  • GFX101

    i like this sounds he makes though.

    outubro 2010
  • benxander

    Synth-Funk's a rare genre, but its a good'un.

    outubro 2010
  • SilasGreenbach

    they made jheri curls look good!!

    agosto 2010
  • JamesKmccann

    OH so cheesy!!

    julho 2010
  • jstarr06

    They're considered poor man's Prince by some of the Purple One's fans, but I luv RFTW. I can't help but dance.

    julho 2010