• Amazing Birthday

    Mai 27 2006, 7h44 por firetwirler526

    So, I had an amazing night tonight. I saw The Fray at Lupos in Providence. Oh, it was so great. It was my bday too. I turned 20. It just happened to be Isaac's bday too! Fantastsic! So great. Let me see if I can remember what songs they played and possibly the order. I don't know if I can find a setlist online. Well here's a go (and I'm not bothering to link each ondividual song, so get over it...):

    All At Once (my favorite and they opened with it-such a way to start!)
    She Is
    ...(and now the order gets all mixed up...)
    Vienna (almost cried- i think this was the next song or one of the next few)
    How To Save A Life (gave me chills at the end when the entire crown sang the last time "how to save a life"... still does thinking about it)
    Eleanor Rigby (awesome Beatles cover)
    Fall Away (soooooo good)
    Heaven Forbid (close to tears-this is kind of the story of my life)
    Dead Wrong (love this one!)
    Little House (very happy to hear this one because ijust recently fell in love with it)