• Song Of The Day - 18 Apr 2009: Black Label [AotY 2000: 3rd Runner-Up]

    Abr 21 2009, 7h02 por sablespecter

    Lamb of God / Black Label / New American Gospel (1) / Sep 2000

    3rd Runner-Up: sablespecter's Album of the Year for 2000 (RDF: 60%)

    "WTF is this?" That was my general reaction to this upon first listen. Raw, both in sound and production, with virtually inscrutable lyrics from Randy Blythe. This makes is a difficult starting point for those new to the band. Fortunately for me, it didn't come until after later albums (but also before the even more difficult Burn the Priest) and so I don't recommend it as a starting point for new listenets. To those accustomed to the LoG sound, however, it really does have a good variety of tracks and provides a more rewarding listening experience with each play. That shows by the fact it finishes fourth in my rankings for what turned out to be a strong year.

    This particular selection is still a staple of the live set, and generates some of the most violent activity in the pit each time!

  • Album Review: Lamb of God /Wrath/

    Mar 9 2009, 3h51 por sablespecter

    To get the reboot going, I wanted to start with a review of the first landmark release of 2009 for me: Lamb of God's Wrath, which was released February 24th!

    If you've watched Walk With Me in Hell, and especially if you've seen Killadelphia for contrast, it's amazing what a different person Randy Blythe is when he's sober. Randy's a very intelligent, well-read person who must be fascinating to talk to now that he’s able to have lucid conversations. Wrath is the first album that he has done completely sober, and does that ever show through in his vocals and the music. I think it's possibly the single biggest reason why they sound so good. The band must have actually enjoyed working together to do this album, and I think that shows through, too. They're scorchingly heavy here, but clear and really tight.

    Sacrament was written off by a lot of fans and some critics for being too polished. Too much studio production. I actually love it. …
  • Cleveland's November...In Flames!

    Nov 12 2008, 5h32 por sablespecter

    Sun 9 Nov – In Flames, 36 Crazyfists, All That Remains, Gojira

    Sunday evenings are normally reserved for chilling out with the Sunday paper and kids crawling into my lap, especially this time of year when the weather has a solid early winter feel and we hole up by the fireplace. But sometimes you gotta get out and say, "I'm off to a / show!"

    Felt kinda weird heading downtown to meet two of my concert crew on a Sunday night, but I'd been looking forward to this show very much. In Flames are one of two bands I got to see twice this year, having seen them back in May on Gigantour. (The other being High on Fire, also on Gigantour, and opening for Opeth back in September.)

    36 Crazyfists:
    We got in partway through the 36 Crazyfists set. I admit I don't know this band at all. I've heard of them, but had never heard anything by them. They had a somewhat hardcore sound and kinda reminded me of Hatebreed or maybe Madball, but if I'm way off base on that comparison, don't beat me up too bad. …
  • Song Of The Day - 19 Jul 2008: World To Come

    Jul 20 2008, 4h26 por sablespecter

    Gojira / "World to Come" / From Mars to Sirius (9) / Aug 2006

    The best in French !

    You know for sure it's salad days once again for metal when you start finding metal from parts of the world that are not typically known for producing metal bands: Firewind from Greece (thanks Grant!), Crackdust from Botswana, and my special favorite previously highlighted here: the pride of Iraq, Acrassicauda!

    If I ever get the chance to finally see Sam Dunn's Global Metal, I'm sure that'll point out even more. Chinese ? Iranian ? That I've got to hear!

    Gojira's latest, The Way of All Flesh, with special guest Randy Blythe (Lamb of God), will be released here in the States October 14th.

    \m/ (ò_ó) \m/
  • Song Of The Day - 09 Jul 2008: Beating On Death's Door

    Jul 9 2008, 20h35 por sablespecter

    Lamb of God / "Beating On Death's Door" / Sacrament (11) / Aug 2006

    Artist: Lamb of God
    Original Album: Sacrament
    Track: Beating on Death's Door

    "An empty promise with a heart of tin /
    Her crooked smile beguiles and it draws you within /
    The hope for something more, all that you wish for /
    A kick to the head and a boot to the door /
    Chasing a dragon in a lady's clothes /
    A paper trail ends in choking smoke /
    But you know that you lit the match yourself /
    Play the burning cards that you dealt

    Scream for salvation, beating on death's door /
    But just be careful what you wish for /
    The patron saint of fools answers all your requests /
    She's all yours now, so deal with it!


    From the band that I would argue is the most important / band to emerge this decade (yeah, yeah, I know they were Burn the Priest during the 1990s...), comes their latest DVD, Walk With Me In Hell...

  • Song Of The Day - 27 Apr 2008: Head On

    Abr 28 2008, 0h58 por sablespecter

    Overkill / "Head On" / Immortalis (7) / Oct 2007

    Artist: Overkill
    Original Album: Immortalis
    Track: Head On
    Preview: Track preview via allmusic

    Apply directly to the forehead!

    This album is the 15th from the classic masters, who have never stopped since they started. Well, more or less. Vocalist Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth and bass player D.D. Verni are the only remaining original members, and there are eight people who are ex-members of the band.

    But that's a lot more than can be said for many thrash bands, and while they may not have ever achieved the level of critical or monetary success as thrash contemporaries such as, say, Metallica, these guys are especially rare in that they've never given in to any trends or altered their sound from what they've always done best. Which is more than can be said for, say, Metallica!

    With this album we also get a guest vocal from Randy Blythe (Lamb of God) on Skull and Bones!

    \m/ (ò_ó) \m/