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  • Diamhea

    love the melodies

    dezembro 2013
  • renosky88

    Awesome as hell

    dezembro 2012
  • Chrome_Ada

    Definitely a blend of styles...but I'm not sure I like it all. There are definitely some highs and lows in this track.

    outubro 2012
  • Jassination

    I concur. I like the energy.

    maio 2012
  • Diamhea

    Great band. Awesome blend of styles.

    março 2012
  • decentthief

    incredible intro that leads into an awful metalcore verse..thank god for the chorus

    agosto 2010
  • Soilborn256

    A tad on the soft side for death metal. This song catches me off-guard and is certainly very different. Not among my favorites, but I like it.

    maio 2010
  • kaplis

    lame metalcore screams....

    março 2010
  • Ambersaur

    I like the pace of this song~ and the voices are good too! : )

    dezembro 2009
  • RZephyr07

    Honestly sounds like metalcore before the refrain. Awesome song though.

    fevereiro 2009
  • ufearless

    energic song...the chorus is awesome

    junho 2008
  • TheLucifer

    Don't be afraid to step Into the silent land where Twisted souls dance with the dark :D ... MONSTER SONG

    abril 2008